Thursday, 29 October 2009


Inspiration is the source of all creativity in my mind.  Something sparks/clicks/pops in you head, triggered by a sense.  You see something in a magazine, you read something in a book, your friend tells you a story... The other day someone told me my blog had kind of inspired them to write their own.  Kind of or not I though this was lovely.  It did make me wonder however where my sources of inspiration have disappeared.

Whilst at university I was led by trend books, my tutors, my course peers.  Now I have friends that mostly have no knowledge of fashion...though one of them said the other day that we call subconsicously walk north westerly and in an area (not actually north west compass wise) and that's why fashion stores are laid out how they are.  He seemed baffled I didn't know this...I assured him I did not study retail.

Anyway...the point of the story is that I miss that kind of creative inspiration.  I need Viewpoint in my particular this is what I miss...for reasons like this:

Long live Future wonder I was so stressed when I was interviewed by Christopher Sanderson (Future Lab's co founder) at Graduate Fashion Week for the Strategic Marketing award.  I have other images, many others, but these in particular give across a current mood of mine.  Whimsical, wishful, I just need a project to focus these.  Suggestions on a postcard.

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