Thursday, 15 October 2009

I bloody love Darren Firth

I look at the work of lots of illustrators.  Not only because it interests me but because it became a habit.  Illustration was a key part of my work at uni.  Whilst I can dabble on Photoshop as well as the next person in my class (but never as well as Sophie Power...the girl's a genius with a mouse) I loved creating something from scratch.  I rarely do this on my own, I usually adapt photograhs/sketches etc into illustrations.

It doesn't matter what work I find though I bloody love Darren Firth.  His work stands out time and time again.  If you don't know who this man his just look at some of this...

...these pictures of from the book Fashion Identity, which I love.  It's not a new book, it was released in 2007, you can keep updated with him though on his website "Keep Me Sane".  I was surprised to see many other pieces of work that are more stereotypically commerical/professional.  It reminded me what the real world is like and the fact that because you're a designer (of any kind!) does not mean you always get to be extremely creative.

I think maybe I should start getting involved with design again.  I'm looking for a new creative project.  Other than my writing that is, as my 'book' is 5000 frivilous and probably rubbish words to the trained eye.  Maybe I should make Katie read them.  After all...I MAY have almost finished the first chapter.

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