Monday, 26 October 2009

Masks are the way forward...

My wonderful flatmate at university was scared of masks...well IS scared of masks.  In first year Halloween came and she refused to leave her bedroom just in case.  Good job as one of the boys we lived with decided to prance around in a Michael Jackson mask...not good.  Needless to say, when we became all girls we didn't wear masks so she could at least partake in the getting ready.

Well now she doesn't live with us I am relishing in the idea of a mask, something that has never appealed before.  Whislt I want to go masquerade (though my costume may never which case I'm going to be a doll) I couldn't help but be inspired by The Cool Hunter's 'Creative Halloween' article.

From simple cardboard cut outs to 3D masterpieces... My idea of a mask has been well and truely put to shame.  The green one is my favourite, it has a Wicked Witch of the West feel to it, though the lightning bolt concept is sheer genius.  Maybe I should bugger off the masquerade idea and get inspired with weather...I could make a cloud outfit right?

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