Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Disney Effect

Last night I went to see Disney on Ice Princess Wishes.  Yes, I am aware I'm 21.  Plenty of people my age are desperate for an excuse to go but I actually have one...three younger siblings.  I took my two sisters (leaving my brother at home because he just can't sit still) and we boarded one of four coaches (yes four...all just for one of 4 schools in the village) to Birmingham's NIA.

As soon as I stepped off the coach I knew I was in trouble.  The girls' eyes lit up and all they wanted was for me to buy them things.  Things that spin, things that glow, light up bunny ears...and then we got inside and it got worse.  After spending £45 on two cuddly toys and some candy floss (that was £6.50 and came with a crown complete with Minnie Mouse ears) the show started.

My sisters and I at Disney on Ice

Holly's eyes lit up.  At four she found it unbelievable to see all these magical Disney characters on ice.  In fact she actually asked me "is that really ice?"  Of course I assured her it was but she still asked me again... From Snow White to Mulan the princesses and their princes conquered evil and fell in love in their designated ten minutes each.

Holly loved it and refused to close her eyes when Cinderella (the last princess) came onto the stage, despite just admitting to wanting a nap.  I got cuddles and big smiles and about three times she told me she loved me.  I think she was happy I took her don't you?  She clung on to her Minnie Mouse cuddly toy, making her clap when we clapped, and kept that crown on the entire time as she sat good as gold.  In fact, on the coach she fell asleep in the crown, which slipped down over her eyes.  I had decided to wait for the others to get off first allowing my Mom time to arrive before waking Holly up, allowing every mother that got off the coach to see her asleep in her crown, everyone went "awwww" or smiled.  I had made Holly happy and she'd fallen asleep exhausted but with a big smile.

I thought about this though as my sisters slept on the coach and I began to worry about what Disney was actually teaching them.  I recalled a group on Facebook, Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love.  This group currently has 128,025 members worldwide.  There's another more recent group called Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations Of Men...they have over 9,000 members already!  This isn't an issue then just for me!  In fact my friend at university often commented on the fact that relationships don't happen like they do in the films, exclaiming one day: "I watched the Little Mermaid when I was at home, my mum got it me on DVD for Christmas, doesn't bloody happen like that does it?"

Well no, no it doesn't.  My mom, cute as a button, told me last night that I am her princess and that I will find my prince one day.  Well if they're only going to let me down I really don't mind waiting awhile.  Sadly I think we've lost Holly already...maybe I'll have to explain to her how things really are when she gets a bit older.  For the next ten years I'll let her dream.  Megan on the other hand, at 11, has a shock coming...

Holly, lost to the magic...

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