Friday, 2 October 2009

A reception with Mr Mulberry

Well...not exactly Mr Mulberry.  Mr Nick Roberts actually, retail extroadinaire at Mulberry.  On Thursday lunch time I and some of the other Graduate Fashion Week winners were welcomed into Mulberry's Sherperds Bush offices for lunch and a chat.

I am not very knowledgable about Mulberry to be honest, I always get confused as to whether or not they just go handbags or whether they were originally a fashion company.  Well both are wrong!  Mulberry will be 40 in 2011 and still hold onto their roots in Somerset, where they make all of their best bags...that'll be those over £395.  Originating with small leather goods Mulberry's founder branched into to leather bags that are their success.  The brand has recently branched out into shoes and also has a womenswear collection.

Mulberry seem to be unphased by the recession, actually improving their turnover by 33% in the last year.  Genius?  Some might say so...well done Emma Hill (creative director) for her fantastic work.  With continued success of their best loved bags Roxanne and Bayswater, Mulberry have gained a huge amount of interest in their Alexa bag made in honour of Alexa Chung.

Nick spoke fondly of Mulberry, possessing a genuine passion for the brand, descibing the need for honesty in a brand (the reason they don't pretend that all their products are made in England) and the brands love of creating a quality product that uses natural vegetable dye so the product ages with it's owner.  I was impressed.

Mulberry's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

We had an amazing day.  Thank you very much Mr Mulberry for an enlightening lunch and for the very cute oh so sweet pink animal print leather bow bracelet.  In fact, Mulberry have been amazing with us.  They hosted Wednesday night's drinks reception in their fabulous show room inspired in design by a print from their Spring/Summer 2010 collection...complete with carousel horses, printed wallpaper and lots of balloons.  Amazing.

Here's us at the meeting thanks to Calum Harvey's photography...

...check out what he thought of the meeting at Scrap vs Luxury, his very own blog.

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