Saturday, 24 October 2009

You've Changed...

The other day I gave a last attempt at making a university friend actually reply to my messages.  This may sound rather psychotic but it's pretty simple...things were weird with us when we left university and we buried our heads in the sand.  I didn't want to lose her forever for no bloody good reason.

Turns out she thought I'd changed when I thought she had... stress of university?  Addition of a new boyfriend taking up more time?  Maybe it was actual change?  The last worries me most because that we can't really fix.  They say a leapard can't change it's spots but I definitely believe they can evolve to look slightly different.  If this is the case maybe if/when we finally meet again it'll just be odd still.

God I hope not.  In my mind we'll go for buffalo chicken wings, a cocktail or maybe a strawberry milkshake...dependent on where we are.  A leapard can't change it's spots but with all this cosmetic surgery around I'm sure someone could.  If we can change maybe we can change back.  Maybe we'll evolve together to fit once more.

Relationships of all kinds are stressful but relationships with friends are the most important.  You don't break up with friends.  Maybe I should send her flowers and chocolates...boyfriends get away with that as apologies right?

I'm sorry if I changed, I didn't mean to, I still love always xxx

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