Friday, 9 October 2009

Some enthusiasm please...

I recently acquired three tickets for Disney on Ice Princess Wishes (not exactly Fashion Week I know!) to take my younger sisters Megan (11) and Holly (4) as an early birthday present for Holly.  I rang her to tell her and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Hi Holly, I have a question to ask you.
Holly: I know.
Me: Oh, has Mom told you?
Holly: Yes.
Me: I see.  So would you like to go then?
Holly: Yeah ok then.  (Where is the excitement?!)
Me: Oh good I think it'll be fun.  I'll sort details with Mom.
Holly: Here she is...

Me: Mom you didn't tell me you'd told her already.
Mom: I didn't.  Did you tell her properly where she's going?
Me: Well no she said she already knew.
Mom: She definitely doesn't, I'll put her back on...

Me: Holly do you know where we're going?
Holly: No.
Me: We're going to see Disney on Ice.
Holly: Oh. (Still no excitement!)
Mom (in the background): Where's Laura taking you Holly?
Holly: Ice skating.
Mom: No, you're going to see the Disney princesses, they're going to be skating.  Holly talk to Laura, she can't see you smiling.
Me: Does that sound good?
Holly: That sounds lovely!

Seriously....longest conversation in the world.  Why on earth would she say she knew it all when she had no clue?!  This is why children need to be told over and over not to go anywhere with strangers.  I could have been emigrating to Australia and taking her with me...she'd have agreed just as easily!  Hope there's some more enthusiasm when we get there.  They both fell asleep at their last show... Girls Aloud/Jay Z/Coldplay at the Wembley.

Megan and Holly with my stepdad at their last show at Wembley

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