Sunday, 4 October 2009

The meaning of dreams

Dreams are said to have meaning.  Not dreams of where you want to be, actually dreams that happen whilst you sleep.  Today I met with my family and I mentioned a reoccuring dream of feeling something in my mouth, taking it out and finding a tooth.  This closely followed by other teeth falling out, the taste of blood in my mouth...then I wake up.  I had thought nothing of it but my family looked horrified so I decided to look it up.

Dream Moods has an entire article on dreams related to teeth, apparently it's a common dream.  The article was long and apparently each dream interpretation alters when considering the person, their background, emotions etc.  However, here are the main theories:

1. Fear of your sexual impotence/getting old - teeth are important when wishing to be attractive/well presented.
2.  Fear of being embarrassed - worries and anxiety.
3.  Powerlessness - teeth are used to bite, tear, chew and gnaw.
4.  Putting your faith, trust and beliefs in what man thinks rather than in the word of God.
5.  In Greek culture it indicates that a family member of close friend is sick or even near death.
6.  In Chinese culture it relates to telling lies.
7.  Money - relating to the tooth fairy...lose a tooth and get money.
    Any other theories?  Because I don't like these.  They're saying I'm old, ugly, anxious, powerless, an atheist/turning against God, lying, wanting/getting money and someone near me is going to die.  Great.  Some how I don't believe these interpretations are one fits all do you?  I had so many nightmares as a child I eventually learnt to realise I was asleep when a dream was getting disturbing...this was always followed by me swiftly waking up as I became more conscious.  Therefore, I think I'll ignore all of these and get on with dreaming nice things when possible...or waking myself up.

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