Friday, 9 October 2009

Lily Allen goes all country at Chanel

Paris Fashion Week has always appealed to me but the buzz about Chanel's latest show is making me wish I was there more than ever.  I've been reading about it everywhere!  Garance Dore was there and labelled it the 'Supershow' describing it as a cross between a rock concert, a mass, a play, a party and...of course...a catwalk show.

Set as a barn, with people in the front row from Anna Wintour to Prince (yes, the Prince!) the glitterati watched as in addition to models appearances were made by Karl Lagerfeld an Lily Allen, who rose from the floor to perform.  Some how I can't help but think she performed Not Fair and that it was her video, decked out all country, that drew the attention of Chanel's creatives.  (See the video below to see what I mean)  I must say I do love that epitomises the relationships of some girls I know.  I am lucky to not be one of those girls.

I can't do justice to this story as well as others...I wasn't there.  Read Garance Dore's account and look at some of her pictures.  I've picked the best for you here....

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